I have been a Gospel Internet Radio Station owner for 20 plus years. I was introduced to Internet Radio in 1999 and had a gospel show from Midnight to 2 am for 6 months on an R&B Internet station on 22nd and Michigan Ave. I was a voluteer because I wanted to learn about Internet Radio. It was fun while it lasted. It was a short period but I learned alot. I also met a young lady who was the part owner of GospelPower.fm I would visit her station to learn more about Internet Radio and the inner workings. In late 2002 I was at a Prayer Breakfast and the owner of GospelPower.fm said that God told him that I would be the person to relaunch his station. He gave me a 5 hour crash course and that was it. It took three years for me to learn how to operate and run an Internet Radio Station. Which was about the same time it took me to learn how to put together and publish a magazine for the Chicago Gospel Community. I guess you could say I was a trailblazer because I didn't have any degrees in communication or business. All I had was determination and a God given double vision. I stayed the course through many ups and downs with the magazine and radio station but I wasn't going to give up no matter what. I believe I was one of the first online magazines from April 2007 to December 2015. Over the last 20 years I've had to re-event myself it seemed like every month and year to continue my Journey. Giving up has never been an option! I met a few other Internet Radio Station owners around the country Delroy Souden NY, Kevin James Richmond VA/ Baltimore, Henry Harris DC, Reggie Rich, NC, Roderick Carter and TC Congress. These were some of the Station Owners in the very beginning when no body new anything about Internet Radio. We were all growing our station though on the job training. I have won many awards down through the years. I was humbled when I won a Stellar Awards for the Gospel Internet Radio Station of the Year!

I was starting a new life at 45 I would attend gospel events all over Chicago to create Gospel Synergy Magazine. I because a member of the GMWA and The Gospel Announcers Guild  and I would attend national events which took Gospel Synergy Magazine to another level in the 90's there was Joyce Logan in LA with The Gospel International Magazine, The Gospel Roundup, The Gospel Truth Magazine in H Town, and the Gospel USA in Miami, Man those were some exciting and disappointing LOL but again I was determined in fact I got a Degree from The College of Hard Knocks I got a PHD because I was Poor Hungry and Determined.