Finally we have a Gospel Social Media Site Created by us... Created for us that we control. unlike other social media sites where you can have 5,000 friends but on 2% or 20 of you friends will see what you post unless it's your birthday then more of your friends will see what you post. On this site you don't have to worry about getting put in jail, restictions for 24 hours up to a week. There are no restrictions or limitations none! 

Twitter was a life line or connection to artist, promoters, record companies, managers, venues, ministries and other radio stations that use it. We were able to directly connect with people we would not have ever been able to without it. On our site we are in control. You can see what our stations plays in real time and we are able to tag the artists song were the artists will get a GRF notice each time their song is played. We are in control click this link to see why you should sign up for