Radio 101
What Is A 1 Sheet?
The 1 sheet is your calling card when you send out a mp3 for review for consideration for Radio Airplay.
The 1 sheet has a picture of yourself a picture of your single and a short bio.It will tell us who you are, where you are from, where you worship, what you are about, a line and 1/2 description of your job, any recognizable interviews, and any shared stage info on a A list artist, you may have performed with or opened for.
The 1 sheet also has all your media outlets information to find you, also information how to purchase your single, and more importantly your isrc code for bds reporting.
Please understand most stations and announcers, may not even ask for it, just play your single, contact you for an interview, blow you up for a few weeks, but you have paid up to $450 for a gimmick promotion on your single.
If you are a gospel artist in the ministry of delivering God's words in music, then act in his service, stop letting folk blow up your ego, what will happen is your calling will become corrupted, and you'll a faker & a taker....
Attached is an example of a simple 1 sheet... Kimberly Jackson
My statements are always given in love & understanding❤
Artists you can find many samples on line just do a search online.