Radio 101 Plus: Music In Rotation
(A)Independent artist if your music is being played, get in the habit of saying "Thank You" to that station or radio announcer, that is playing your music, hit there page up, not a ✔or a emoji 💖 acknowledgement, say something, share it. If you don't support us we won't support you.
(B)Independent artist you have not arrived yet, one single doesn't make you a star. You have to work that gift, because the work has just begun. Look around you and bless someone else's ministry, work together to form alliances with one another, create concert venues to perform together.
If your invited to a venue, be respectful of the venue, ask about the dress code, the sound check time, what time to arrive at venue, be respectful of allotted time given to perform, 10 or 15 min means 10 or 15 min, thank the venue sponsor for the invite and leave graciously from the stage.
Artist do not use your time to preach in a venue, it's disrespectful to the person who invited you, and embarrassing to the shepherd of that church, who is supporting the concert.
(C)If a station is playing your single, and you haven't acknowledged them with a personnel "Thank You" guaranteed they will drop your single out of rotation, think about it if you acknowledge them, they will acknowledge the release of your next single, you have sent to the station(s) that's supporting you. Its work...its work...Kirk Franklin is not above going on the road to promote his project, and he's Kirk Franklin.
I am giving you this information in love & understanding, I want you to be successful, but also knowledgeable of the industry you are involved in called Gospel music🙏