Writing this article has been on my mind for a couple of weeks. There have been a few morning when I wake up this article has been on my mind. I remember in 2007 People were excited that  a man who was the product of an interracial marriage and classified as being black was running for the highest office in the land (The President) of these United States if America. In November of 2007 he was proclaimed the winner and in January 2008 he took the oath and became the first Black President. Man... black people every where were saying the same thing. We were happy to vote for and to witness a Black President not once but a Black 2 term President. There was al a mojority of whit people who also voted for a Black Man with a infecious smile that captured the hearts of people around the world. Then there were the haters who didn't like the fact that a Black Man was in the position of Commader and Chief. The opposers vowed to block and not work with a Black President. They were talking about how their ancestors were turing over in their graves for a time such as this. Correct me if I'm wrong but there were many issues that were going on at that time that was caused by the republicans. The housing market had crashed and we were facing a recession. But it was a Black Man who was able to get the country back on track. In 2016 we saw that progress turn around when the next president came into office with a lot of chaos, confusion and very got little done. For the past 2 years President Biden has gotten a lot of things done and the country is seeing a lot of progress.

Now we come to a run off in Georgia where we have 2 black men running for a senate seat. One that will stop the progress if the republicans win the seat because they have already said they are going do everything they can to block President Biden. It sounds & looks like we've been down this road before. Then we have another black man who has proven himself for the past 2 years that he qualifies for the Senate seat. It's obvious that Walker does'nt come close to holding a Senate seat but the White republicans in Georgia are willing to put a stumble bum in the Senate for 6 years. Someone that they can control and he hasn't been able to process what's really going on. I'm sure the people of Georgia don't want to have two idiots in office at the same time. Majorie Taylor Green and Hershal Walker would be saying the state of Georgia have no regards for people who can get the job done. I would like to say that Hershal Walker may have been great on the football field and he was a hero 40 years ago. But he has to know that he can't hold a senate seat with the stupid things that he says with that stupid smile on his face. Looking like a shuffle butt slave looking down at the ground because he can't look the masta in the eye. What would possibly get done if he were in the senate. 

I'm sure there are a lot of white folks that feel the same way. Minimum Wage doesn't have a color preference! I'm sure that there are a lot of white folks who want to do better than their parents. Being from the state of Illinois we the people was'nt going to let Darren Baily with his right wing agenda become the governor of Illinois and turn things around. That wasn't going to happen! Its time for the people of Georiga to get a taste of what the Democrats can do in Georgia. I'm sure it will be a lot more than what many of you have seen for years. I pray that when I rise to start a new day on Dec.9 Rev. Rapheal Warnock will maintain his seat in the senate and Hershal Walker can go back to Texas. In my opinion Hershal Walker has been an embarressment for every back man in America. He doesn't even qualify as a comedian. LOL He is just one sad individual. Once again the whites find themselves voting for a Black Man who would have thought this would happen again. How do you wrap your head around this when 58 years ago BLACKS were given the rights to vote. I was 16 years old. I'm so glad I got this out of me because it was really bothering.