Yes!  We have resumed our Monthly Meetings following 14 months of challenges to our lives and the gospel music industry.  This down time has helped some of us to refocus our attention and 'man up' to our duties and responsibilities.
Kristin (Atkins) and I, along with the core members of The Chicago Alliance (Chicago Gospel Announcers Guild) have some amazing monthly sessions planned for your ministry and/or organization. We will have up-to-date information on the changes in the industry, technology and music. 
Please join us for the opening session and plan to be present for our Membership Meeting for May as we begin to build again to form a great and better Chicago Alliance of Gospel Music Professionals.
Our meeting for April will focus on RADIO, but will give other insights fo the gospel music industry and its components.
So, c'mon and join us as we learn and teach together.  As I always said in the past... "I GUARANTEE YOU WILL ENJOY AND LEARN FROM THESE SESSIONS".
We shall see you on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 @ 6:30 p.m. CST.
Dennis Cole
Kristin Atkins