There is a right way and a wrong way for artists to submit their music to radio for airplay consideration. Many artists are so excited to finally have their final mixed and mastered project finished that they don't take the time to know the proper procedure to submit their music to radio. Many artists will submit the song with out details just the song title and it may be submitted in one format which is wav file. Wav files are good for the stations that play wav files which is terrestrial stations wav file sound better but they are huge file and require a lot of space. Most Internet Stations can only play mp3 files. So its a good ideal for artists to submit music in wav file as well as mp3 format this way the station can download the file that works for their station. The submission should be tagged properly with the Artists Name, Song Title and Album Name. When loading music for air play we have fields that have to be complete in order for the artists to be compensated including the IRCS Code field and the UPS field. This is also helpful the the stations that are BDS and BDS Monitored stations.

When artists submit music for airplay consideration or if the artists is going to use a Radio Promotions Company the should include their Short Bio, CD Cover, mp3/wave file, ISRC Code and Social Media info Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Many stations want to see what type of following artists have and how active they are with their fan base. For example Synergy1Radio tags every song with the artists twitter handle. This way when the artists song is played the artists will get a tweet notification the key is for the artists is to retweet and share with their fan base. Which helps to build the artists fan base as well as the station we also include the management, label, and radio promoters
Twitter handles. We are in a visual as well as an audio world. We probably have a half a million views everyday where people can view our playlist as well as see our playlist everyday including commercials for artists that will direct people to where they can go to purchase artists music. In today's musical climate artists want to direct people to where their music can be purchased or streamed.

Once all of the work has been done on the production end the music is ready to be submitted to radio or radio promoter the music/single has to be properly tag. Its not the radio promoters nor is it the stations job to tag a submission to add to rotation. Nine times out of ten the song will be deleted even if it's a mainstream artists.  Finally the artists
also needs to have a budget for advertising, marketing and promotions This is information that has been shared many time down through the years. There are plenty of places online a person can go to get information how how to submit their music to radio so there are no excuses. I've heard this information at many conferences online and

Any gospel artists or label feel free to submit your music to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for airplay consideration on Synergy1Radio Stellar Award winning and Chicago's #1 Internet Gospel Station.