Tell us about yourself and how you got started in this music industry?

Ha! Funny you should ask. I never ever thought I would be a singer. Never! I have always loved to sing, and have written songs since I was a kid. But I hid them because people always teased me for my voice as a child. Other kids and even adults told me that I sounded like a boy, or that my voice sounded hoarse and scratchy. So I was super insecure. Also, my family was very talented and I always felt "less than." Anyway, after one of the hardest decades of my life, I was fussing with God about money, and I heard "You're wasting what I've already given you" as my attention was brought to an envelope I had been stuffing songs into for years and years. Soon after, I sang one of my songs for the first time. The rest is history.

Can you give us your testimony about your recovery?

That would take us all day, lol! But the short version is, I quit. I just gave up on all this. I had almost died, I lost my family and then lost my way to make money. I was broken. But through it all I learned a life lesson. I AM responsible for my own happiness. And for some reason, before all of that heartache, I thought that everyone else was. My husband, my kids, my church, my job, my friends, even my passions. But I learned that when all that was stripped away, there was only one person in front of me. The person in the mirror. And I could either take responsibility and get better, or I could keep blaming everyone else and never really be healed or happy. I chose the hard one, lol. But it was worth it. I am now healed and happy. And for me to stay that way is my own responsibility. Just sayin'.

What is your mission/calling to do with your music?

Hmmm that's a good one. I believe my mission is to tell my own truth. My vulnerable, hard truth. Not sugar coated or dressed up. Just open and honest and real. I think when people hear vulnerability and truth, it touches their heart and there they can find inspiration to face their own truth, then they feel seen. And ultimately feel loved and accepted.

Tell us about your new single Scream?

Scream is a heart wrenching anthem. It's a cry of agony. It was the expression of my soul when there weren't any other words to say. And being able to let that out brought me healing. So that's what I pray it will be for other people. An opportunity to let it all out. Whatever "It" is. Pain, frustration, agony, disappointment, anger... whatever. And that as they let it all out, it will set them on a course for healing. Our world has had a rough past few years to say the least. I think we could all use a bit of healing. A bunch of weirdo stuff, LOL! But I guess some normal things too. I am a certified relationship coach, so I speak and write books, music and do seminars and online courses etc. (Something life changing that came out of my own relationship journey.) I do that for women and for kids too. But on a totally different note, I LOVE a good flip! As in like houses and furniture etc. Over the past 10 years or so, I flipped houses that I lived in to get completely mortgage free at the age of 36. That's been fun. I still love flipping property, living spaces and furniture to this day.

Tell us about your Character Keynote?

Pure fun and inspirational, if you ask me! But hey, I might be a little biased;) A Character Keynote is basically motivational speaking on steroids. It's speaking, singing, and storytelling all wrapped up into one juicy package. But I do it in full costume as a character! It's very unique, fun, inspiring and effective. Audiences love it. It's definitely a switch from the average speaker lol.

Can you tell us something about yourself that people might not know?

Hmm, that's hard since I tell folks all my business, lol. Um, maybe that I am vegan, or that I homeschooled my kids? Or maybe that as loud and out in the open as I am, I can still be sensitive and scared about so many things. Or that there's a hippie inside of me that wants to live in a remodeled school bus, LOL! Oh wait, I got it, I got it! I dance in public no matter who's watching, cuz I've hurt enough to want to be happy all the time no matter who's watching. Idk.

Who is in the music industry that you would love to work with?

Kirk Franklin with all that energy, H.E.R. with all that creativity, and Adele with all that transparent and authentic soul!

What advice would you give an upcoming artist?

Be YOU! The best version of you that you can possibly be. Stop looking at the"competition" and look in the mirror. It's what you have the most control over, and where your super power lies. Oh, and do things in music that make business sense! Not just the hype stuff that seems cool, but doesn't bring real results. Real, measurable, proven, business!

How do you want to be remembered?

I just want people to remember me as real. A real woman, who really loved people.

How can people stay connected with you?

Well first of all they can grab my song Scream for free here:
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